Microsoft Outlook Integration to HighQ Collaborate

Managing your HighQ Collaborate content from within Outlook

Repstor affinity leads the ECM market with its extensive integration to multiple repositories. The affinityTM HighQ Connector provides users with easy access to your HighQ repository through the Microsoft Outlook interface. This allows organizations to unify internal and external collaboration in one secure space that can be accessed from anywhere.

The Repstor affinity connector for HighQ is ideally suited to scenarios where you want to provide users with a single point of access from within Outlook to all content from the HighQ, Microsoft SharePoint, HP TRIM, iManage Work® (previously HP/Autonomy WorkSite) or other repository supported by Repstor affinity. This is especially useful for large legal firms who use HighQ Collaborate as an external team collaboration tool.

Benefits of affinity HighQ Collaborate integration:

  • Simple to use client providing easy and efficient access to HighQ Collaborate repository content for users
  • Access HighQ content within a folder hierarchy in Outlook – available on and offline. Repstor affinity HighQ connector is a full offline client, providing full access, addition and editing while offline. This allows users to have full browsing capability of content in the HighQ repository both online and offline
  • Use Repstor affinity to copy or transfer documents between the HighQ repository and other existing repositories such as Microsoft SharePoint, iManage Work® or HP TRIM.
  • Add Files or Emails to HighQ Collaborate from Outlook: Users can Quick File or drag and drop content from their Windows desktop, Windows Explorer, Outlook folders, and similar applications to HighQ locations, or may choose to add documents via the affinity add document function.
  • Notification of added or updated content: Users can keep track of content within multiple repository sites. affinity will use standard unread notifications to flag new or updated content.

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