Microsoft Outlook Integration to HP Records Manager or TRIM

Managing your HP Records Manager/TRIM content from within Outlook.

Repstor affinityTM provides all your users easy access to HP Records Manager/TRIM® content through a fast, efficient interface with Microsoft Outlook.

HP Records Manager/TRIM folders and records are presented within the folder structure of Microsoft Outlook – allowing the user to browse the hierarchy and view records within Outlook.   Users can add new records by drag and drop, or through the Repstor assist Quick File option.

Users benefit from a simple, consistent view of their Records Manager/TRIM information that allows them to add, edit and retrieve content from Records Manager/TRIM when on or offline.  Repstor affinity maintains Outlook efficiency – it is designed to provide access to HP TRIM without slowing or impacting normal Outlook use. The performance of Microsoft Outlook is not affected.

The Repstor affinity Records Manager/TRIM connector is ideally suited to scenarios where you want to provide access to Records Manager/TRIM for all your users, or you want users to access Records Manager/TRIM in combination with another content repository such as SharePoint.

Benefits of affinity Records Manager/TRIM integration:

  • Simple to use client providing efficient access to Records Manager/TRIM for all your users
  • Records Manager/TRIM folders, and records available directly within Outlook
  • Full offline client for Records Manager/TRIM content.
  • Add, edit and view documents from Records Manager/TRIM through the Outlook client (on or offline)
  • View and edit properties of Records Manager/TRIM documents (on or offline)
  • Easy filing of new records to HP Records Manager/TRIM folders with Repstor assist
  • Forward Records Manager/TRIM records and reply to emails directly from within Outlook.
  • Copy documents between the Records Manager/TRIM repository and other Repstor affinity repositories such as SharePoint

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