Microsoft Outlook Integration to Multiple ECM Repositories

Give access to ALL your content from within Outlook

Repstor affinityTM is designed around the user, delivering a familiar and superior experience when accessing multiple ECM repositories.  affinity provides a single, familiar and consistent user interface regardless of the content system being accessed. Different repositories appear as different folder structures within Microsoft Outlook. Repstor affinity is designed to integrate with ECM repositories easily – we use a powerful plugin model which allows us to include the most important functionality from each ECM system.

Current Repository Support includes:

Benefits of affinityTM multi-repository integration:

  • Provides consistent access to multiple ECM Systems:  In an ideal world, an organization would have a single ECM repository for all content.  However, legacy systems, departmental systems and individual ECM system’s niche functionality mean that most organizations have multiple content systems in active use.  With Repstor affinity you can provide consistent access to all content systems, avoiding confusing user interfaces and impacting Outlook performance and usability.
  • Easy transition between ECM Systems: Often, choosing a new ECM system results in a costly migration project to move information from previous systems to the new system.  With Repstor affinity multi-repository support, you can provide access to both the old and new systems through a consistent interface.  Repositories can also be made read-only to help the transition using configuration settings.
  • Delivers a simple, consistent user interface:  Repstor affinity is designed to maintain the usability of Microsoft Outlook.  This includes minimizing confusing new interfaces, ensuring that Outlook performance is not impacted, and providing additional functionality (like filing assistance) when normal Outlook functionality is not sufficient.  All of the affinity supported repositories maintain this design philosophy.
  • Offline access to content: Today’s users require access to content when convenient to them.  They cannot wait on slow networks, or slow servers or until they are back in the office.  affinity provides access to content from multiple repositories when on and offline.  All saving and retrieving from the content system is done in the background to avoid impacting the user’s experience.

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